week 16

This week in the MKMMA course thus far has been the BEST!.  Living in kindness, giving, receving, and eyes wide open witnessing kindness in many forms and fashions is just beautiful. LOVE and kindness.  I feel as though I have been walking with kindness my whole life.  I am quite fond of kind people.  Such power in kindness. Warm eyes and smiles from loved ones and strangers, can melt my heart.  Collectively spreading kindness across the world this week has impacted my soul!


week 12

TODAY, I am in tune with the Law of Attraction! For years, as I struggled through my tough times in my adult life, I had a solid relationship with FEAR.  I lived in fear for many years. I believe fear really found and embedded itself in my world when I became a mother 20 years ago.  With having precious children, came all the worries and fears.  Add in the stresses of the grown up life, and relationships, I was deeply routed.  Always reflecting back on my lifes experiences, I see. I see so much.

I have been conscious of this hold fear has had on me for quite some time now.  I had developed daily rituals of worrying about so many things as I have 4 kids of my own, and extended out the worry for all my loved ones.  Crazy to think of how many hours/days/years I have spent letting fear stop me from actually living LIFE!

I am the mother to some pretty smart, fantastic kids.  They are wise. They remind me, that I am wasting my time worrying about things so much because its THEIR journey and they don’t share the fear or worry I do, its their destiny that they walk with, not my fearful thoughts that will decide what may or may not happen to them.  This has really helped me along the way letting go of SOME of the worry. LOL.

Anyway, I enjoyed this weeks lesson.  I am whole-hearted glad to be taking this course, as it is opening up my eyes, mind, spirit, and world!  There is abundance of ALL for ALL. I do believe this.  Law of Attraction is LOVE.


week 11

What a challenging course this MKMMA is.  Challenging in the best life changing ways, that is.  It has been hard getting my DMP going.  I’ve realized that I have been wrapped up in my life as I know it without having many dreams of my own that I felt were attainable.  This course is really eye opening in many avenues.  What I have found, was that figuring out big life plans in a short amount of time was really frightening for me.  I realize that I CAN have short term goals and work on things like True Health and Liberty and actually accomplish these goals.  So, running behind the schedule, Im still moving forward, and not quitting.  I can be what I will to be!

week 10

I have spent this week thinking of all the little things I MUST do to get caught up in my MKMMA course.  I have been playing catch up for sometime now and want the fullest effect of this course…I am determined to get to a point where I feel as if I never got behind.  My aunt, who is also taking the course, and a guide has been a great inspiration and cheerleader for me to continue on. It is very helpful to have her, my dad, stepmom, sister, daughter and her boyfriend taking the course. We encourage eachother and I honestly love the idea of us all on a similar path of growth!!  With my suggested ” TO DO” list,  I am rollin on, checkin stuff off.  I can be what I will to be. DO IT NOW!