week 19

I must say, I am very happy to be taking this MKMMA course! Not only does this course help me change my old blueprint, it is also having a positive effect on my children as well.  I have installed in them, what was installed in me over the years of parenting them. The most beautiful part of this all is that as my blueprint changes, my parenting changes too! My kids are also along for the ride of bliss. LOL


week 17

Thoughts.  Concentration. Action.   I have come to realize just how powerful thoughts are.  For me changing my thought process has been huge! I, like most am conscious of the thoughts pooring thru my head, usually concentrating more on the negative thoughts.  I am done doing this! I am putting my concentration on postive thoughts, therefore i attain positive action!.

week 16

This week in the MKMMA course thus far has been the BEST!.  Living in kindness, giving, receving, and eyes wide open witnessing kindness in many forms and fashions is just beautiful. LOVE and kindness.  I feel as though I have been walking with kindness my whole life.  I am quite fond of kind people.  Such power in kindness. Warm eyes and smiles from loved ones and strangers, can melt my heart.  Collectively spreading kindness across the world this week has impacted my soul!